Computer science engineer

Personal information.


  • During the period between 1988 and 2001, focused on retail activity, in a sector with little relation to new technologies. Looking for an orientation more akin to professional concern, starting to study in 1998 technical engineering in computer systems, and complementing training at later with the second cycle of computer science engineering.
  • The profile is summarized as that of a computer professional close to systems administration, with marked technical and self-taught skills. Versatile but without a clear specialty, preference for operating systems and databases based on open source models, networking, computer security, and other areas of systems administration. Interest in development of software and information technologies in general. Aptitude for teamwork, and accented features of creativity and perseverance. Personally, honest, fair, inconspicuous and introverted.


Professional experience.

  • ****** (2005 - present).

    Worldwide enterprise focused in warehouse storage and robotics, which manages and centralizes administration of its computer systems at its headquarters in the area of Barcelona.

    Professional work: Systems administration, databases and networks, at the department of information technologies, sysadmin area:

    • OS Administration: Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat), Unix (AIX and SunOS), Windows (Active Directory over W2K, W2K3 and W2K8).
    • VMware administration: Player, Server, ESX / ESXi, and Vcenter clusters.
    • Network services administration: Apache, Weblogic, Lotus Notes, Postfix, DNS, DHCP, Nagios, Centreon, Netmrg, Veritas Netbackup...
    • Network administrator: Routing, switching, VLAN, VPN, firewalling, IPS, computer security, etc. Wide experience in Stonegate products.
    • Database administration: Oracle, MySQL, and sporadically MS SQL Server 2005.
    • Monitoring SNMP, JMX and NRPE of web portals. Supervision of presentation layers (Apache), application (Weblogic, Tomcat, Solr and Alfresco) and database (Oracle, on machines forming a cluster over a Redhat Enterprise Linux platform).
    • SAP R/3 on AIX and Linux, system administration: Maintenance of users and roles, transport system, job scheduling, printers parametrization and log checks.
  • Softservei S.L. (2005 - 2005).

    Company of computer services integrated around an ERP of own development (RPC).

    Professional work: In phase of initial knowledge of the company, product evolving in development department. Subsequently, infrastructure management in systems department, both in internal environment and final client.

    • Development and support of an ERP software pack over Genexus and Visual Basic languages.
    • Systems administration: Windows (W2000 and W2003), Linux (Debian) and Unix (SCO).
    • Database management (Informix).
    • Network administration (routing, firewalling, etc).
  • Enter Systems II S.L. (2001 - 2005).

    Company belonging to Grupo MC Asociados, developing payroll and HR software. They offer additional IT services complementing its products.

    Professional work: Product developer and systems infrastructure administration, both internal and final client. Development and systems area.

    • Analyst-programmer: Payroll and HR software, developed over a own-company's proprietary language based on C.
    • Systems administration: Linux (Redhat and SuSE) and Unix (SunOS).
    • Database management (Oracle and Informix).
    • Data migration on product implementations.
    • Phone and on-site support to the final client, as a 2nd level technician.
  • Bolsos Pascual (1988 - 2001).

    Store, retail trade of the leather goods sector.

    Professional work: Employee in the establishment, mainly performing tasks of the merchant. Occasional computer incursions.

    • Public attention.
    • Purchases. Order management and tracking.
    • Management and maintenance of stock control software (Dimoni software). Subsequently, developing new software in VBA as a replacement for the previous one, and data migration to MS Access 2.0.
    • Website in simple HTML.


  • Without a specific order, different levels of expertise and experience in products / technologies / procedures such as Virtual Box, HAproxy, keepalived, Magento, SSL/TLS, PKI, cryptography, Jira, cloud computing, rsync, Owncloud, Nextcloud, Syncthing, data recovery, URL-shorteners, Raspbian, Raspberry Pi, Android, device rooting, exploits, disaster recovery plan, iptables, software vulnerabilities, Piwigo, Dokuwiki, System-V, systemd, Git, Subversion/SVN, NetApp storage, IBM Storage Manager, HMC ...
  • In the field of programming, high level in Bash scripting after a continued use over the years. Frequent use of languages ​​such as PHP and Java. And more intermittent Perl, Python, ActionScript, Flash... Regular use of the Git version control system. Knowledge in design patterns and software maintenance techniques. Casual contact with certain development frameworks such as Yii or Genexus.
  • Recurrent relationship with different commonly used web technologies: Languages ​​such as HTML-5, XML, CSS, PHP or Javascript. Linked protocols as HTTP, HTTP-2, FTP, P2P, rtmp, etc. SEO strategy, social media and use of CDN.
  • In general, affinity for knowledge related to new technologies. And in particular, sympathy for open source models. Follow-up through forums, RSS, Twitter, thematic portals, and other channels.
  • Knowledge in editing and compression of digital audio / video.


  • Catalan: Written and spoken.
  • Spanish: Written and spoken.
  • English: Written and spoken.
  • Italian, Portuguese and Galician: Basic understanding.